The Garden of Earthly Delights
Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights, oil on oak panels, 220 cm × 389 cm (87 in × 153 in), Museo del Prado, Madrid


Color and Form Exploration with Glass


A tribute to 500th anniversary of Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights A contemporary interpretation of his work as a composition of glass pieces. I wanted to capture fleshy feeling of distorted fruits he depicted in the painting.

Ideation Process


A contemporary  take on Bosch`s  Masterpiece and reinterpretation with glass.

Utopian`s drinking vessel.

Symbolizes abundance, and eartly pleasures.With abolition of  labour, utopians have more time for cooking, drinking festivals and eartly pleasures.



Plato ‘Republic
Thomas More ‘Utopia’
Thomas Cole ‘Dream of Arcadia’ Industrialization'
Fritz Lang ‘Metropolis’ movie
Luigi Serafini ‘Codex
Ettore Sottsass ‘the world as a festival’
Dunne & Raby ‘Critical design



Naked Flesh 
Distorted Nature
Grotesque Organic Forms
Dreamy feeling

Key Concepts 

Hidden Complexity
Molecular Couisine
Exotic Fruit, Garden,nectar allegory
Implied Sophistication
Microscobic Visions