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Subject :Arcelik Telve Re-Design 
Client : Arcelik R&D Center 

During my product design internship in Arcelik, one of my assignments was to redesign their famous Turkish coffee maker, Telve. 

Instead of the double cup design used in the original, I only developed my concept around one cup. The original model was intended to be used in familial meetings and gatherings. I analyzed the existing design and redesigned it for more personal daily use. 

Market Survey & Cultural Inheritance 

A comprehensive market survey revealed that competing companies’ products were behind Telve regarding technology and taste. 
However, surveys also showed that competitors’ products are more appealing to customers due to their relatively more aesthetic appearances. Apart from that, single-cup coffee makers have remarkable popularity among the majority of users. So I started to build my concept regarding these findings. 


After the initial research, I carried out inner structural analyses to calculate the minimum volume needed to keep the Arcelik`s unique technology used in the original Telve Model with two cups. 


Prototyping & CNC Milling


I designed the UI to be as simple as possible. The model incorporates sideway buttons which allow the user to enter his/her desired dose (one cup or two cups). The red sign around the logo warns the user that the water is running out.



Since the main goal of the project was to design a new look for the Telve, I focused on the overall shape and tried as many different forms as possible. 


During my internship, I had opportunity to use Arcelik`s comprehensive model workshop and built a 1/1 scaled mock up. It helped me to examine the proportions and volumes.


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