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The soul of Millennials 

Trend Forecasting and Design Research Visualization

This is a depiction of the European generation Y as we see and feel it, being European millenials ourselves. In this project the generation Y is desribed in relation to nature, technology and exoticism. The insights found within the themes are materialized through objects that highlight the essential of phenomenon. In here, I only included third part,exoticism and millennials which I have chiefly contributed.

Research Room and the Mood Board


nature x millennials
technology x millennials
exotic x millennials

European millennials have a hunger for new experiences and want to do it all. We are linguistically more able than ever and travel more than any of the previous generations. We live in a world where technological solutions make everything within reach.But:

if everything is within reach and already explored...


What is 
exotic then?

We Only 

Live Once.


Niche generalist Millenials

Niche generalism is materialised with diverse skill and knowledge ’’pills’’. Those are depicting fast and short term knowledge.That at the same time looks atractive. As we desire new experiences. the knowledge built is like a combination of pills taken: instant temporary and niche. A little bit addictive. 

It comes in the forms of strong contrasts, odd combinations between specific niche fields. It is about diving into narrow segments. This requires knowledge that is diverse by nature, and there is only so much time and patience to do it all.The knowledge built is short-term and lateral rather than long-term and cumulative. We create our identity as diverse and special but only deep enough, continuously craving for something new.

What comes out of the combination of scuba diving and type design? What about PHP coding, polo and banjo playing put together? The new and exciting means unexpected combinations that make us unique. 




We create our identity as diverse and special but only ‘‘deep enough’’, continuously craving for something new. 




In Helsinki area, two Exhibitions  featured European Millenieals Project - SuperStore and Designing Soul events, which are included in Aalto Festival 2015.

01-Super Store 

02-A!Fest Designing Soul Event Exhibition 2015  

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