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Colour Design / Cast Collective - VF

Spring, 2016

Gender Color in Athletic Sportswear



Research Questions

Are there differences in color preferences between women and men in the sportswear/active wear


Segments of industry to focus on: outdoor, gym and workout (like running, etc).


What are the color trends in apparel and footwear that are driving the industry?


Is there a difference between

footwear and apparel?


Do materials, finishes and textures have gender preferences globally across USA, Europe and Asia ?

How does the sportswear/active wear color trends compare to fashion as it relates to men and women?

Similar, different, vastly different? Who is driving the trends?

Research the history and the present of the gender color in sportswear and sports.

Brief -  Design a Future Colour and Material Palette for Sportswear


Jaana Väätäinen-Beidler - Professor In Fashion Design / Aalto University
Tiina Aarras - Colour and Material Designer in Residence / Aalto University0

Team // Orcum Erdem, Heli Juuti, Helena Manner / Spring 2016

Duration // 7 weeks




cOLOR AND Material


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