To experiment with a painterly approach, I began by designing a generic glass bottle intended to display an ordinary, yet iconic geometry. During the ideation phase, I only studied the outline of the bottle and divided it into two morphological areas with a narrowing shoulder line. Thereby, I aimed to create a compositional diversity and an easily recognizable, characteristic outline, instead of a straight cylindrical geometry.


To focus on my pictorial exploration, I preferred to use the mold-blowing technique in order to standardize the form of the bottles. For each session, I first prepared a glass bubble and I then experimented with different color combinations and palettes on top of it. My intention was to explore the expressive potential when the bubbles were combined with silver-mirrored patterns. Then I applied silver colors using different forms of coloring techniques such as frits overlay or Swedish Overlay technique to experiment with patterns ranging from dots to large patches. Finally, I blew each piece into the mold, specially designed and modified for silver colors, to give their final shape.