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Aroma Theraphy Pots

Aromatherapy plants are undoubtedly a significant element of the spa experience. Their comforting and healing effects have been traditionally used for ages in many different ways. Considering that, I designed spa pots which allow people to enjoy freshly cut herbs during their bath sessions, as well as a complementing decorative object for spa environments. 

As exploration and innovation were fundamental parts of the wood studio course, I decided to test boundaries of veneers, steam bending, and flexibility of the different type of woods. Artifacts were formed by pine veneer stripes and process of constructing them as a vertical closed 3D geometry was the biggest challenge of the project I had to take. Creating a rigid body which can be durable in wet environments such as spas and saunas, required innovations for every step. Besides, after mastering the process, I explored different patterns and way of constructions. 


Relaxing Herb

Therapy Odors


Target Spaces: 

Spa Centers


Pine body concentrates branches of aromatherapy plants and moisture in environment or water sprinkles, working as an agent , activate sensational odors spreading them across the room. Thanks to its hanging detail it can be used it as a basket to go pick up fresh herbs and directly use those hanging it to their shower or sauna. 


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